Release name: REPLServer
Release summary: Telnet command-line for Squeak.
Automatic version: 3
Manual version: 16
Published by: Michael van der Gulik (mvdg)
Created: 18 July 2007 10:24:11 am
Last updated: 18 July 2007 10:24:11 am
Release note:

This release fixes several bugs found in the previous release. Exception handling with sockets is now improved and REPLServer will play well with image restarts. Online help has been expanded. A list of known bugs has been added (to online help). This release includes a tutorial. REPLServer now prompts for a password when started, and you can telnet to port 4445 to use it.

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SHA checksum: 294099903066052035417307170037396810001744191112