Summary: reading and viewing GIS data in ESRI shapefile format
Author: Hans Baveco
Owner: Hans Baveco (jmb)
Co-maintainers: <None>
PackageInfo name: Shapes
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NOTE: uptodate versions of this package are on SqueakSource!
Adds classes representing ESRI shapefiles. Commonly used types are handled: Polygon, Polyline, Point and MultiPoint shapes. Shape data are read from files and simply kept as-is in ByteArrays in ShapeMap objects, or further processed and converted into polygon, arc or point objects.
Both the xxx.shp file and the index file (xxx.shx) are read. To get at the attributes of the shapes, the accompanying *.dbf file needs to be read. Download this dbf-reader from SqueakMap or SqueakSource.
Besides reading, the only functionality included is viewing the contents of a ShapeMap as a Form. Morphic dependent functionality is moved to Shp-Morphic, see SqueakSource.