Summary: Russian language environment infrastructure
Author: danil osipchuk
Owner: danil osipchuk (dao)
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RussianEnvironment and Converters/Intepreteres classes needed for unicode support of Russian language in windows and unixes (CP1251 and KOI8R currently)

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do: [:pkgUrl | MczInstaller installStream: (HTTPSocket httpGet: pkgUrl)].

"This will ask for font directory - point to location where your ttf files reside. It also will suggest you to enable freshly installed fonts in browsers, etc."

TTFontReader suggestBatchInstallToUser.

"This switches locale to Russian - wait a couple of seconds".
Locale switchToID: (LocaleID isoLanguage: 'ru').

First you need fonts to render Russian - take a look at the ttfFontReaderRefactored on SqueakMap, follow instructions to load it and get unicode ttf fonts. If you know another (possibly more straightforward) way to load unicode fonts for Russian - please, let me know.

Install this package and do it: "Locale switchToID: (LocaleID isoLanguage: 'ru')". You need to set unicode fonts in places where you want to type/display russian text either manually in preferences, or either by doing 'TTFontReader suggestBatchInstallToUser' after previous step.

It basically works 'as proof of concept' but has some limitations currently:
*naive encoding detection
*copy/paste does no work well in unixes
*copy/paste of russian text windows works if keyboard layout is russian. Or you may contact me for VM patch or modified VM
*glitches and bugs on inmature release :)