Release name: (S)mall(t)alk (u)tilities I (f)ind use(f)ul
Release summary: XML DOM and parser, Matrix2D, OrderedTreeNode, Shortcuts
Automatic version: 1
Manual version: 1
Published by: Jens Moenig (jens)
Created: 31 January 2007 10:02:33 am
Last updated: 20 March 2007 12:05:01 pm
Release note:

If you file in this package you will get some additional entries in your personalized world menu allowing you to let your morphs adjust to the Squeak main window, disable yellow-button menus in PasteUpMorphs (like World) and gradually disable all programmer's facilities (for that part I mostly copied and adjusted Ned Konz's lockdown package).

Also, I found out that the xml support included in the 3.8 image is missing in all 3.9 images, and has to be installed separately. After having had a hard look on that code I decided to implement my own one-class xml DOM/Parser instead, because I heavily rely on flexible xml file support in the other (unpublished) stuff I do.

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SHA checksum: 194388524655571149875117710175539685671424291983