Slovak/Czech Keyboard

Summary: to be used with MS Windows native fonts installed to Squeak
Author: Jan Vlk
Owner: Jan Vlk (jvl)
Co-maintainers: <None>
PackageInfo name: Slovak/Czech Keyboard
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This is actually just a crude hack of the Czech keyboard driver for Unix/Linux font written by Vladimir Janousek in which the values of Tab1, Hacektab, and Carkatab dictionaries were replaced by values suitable for MS Windows native fonts (installed from 'Win32NativeFonts.4.sar' by Andreas Raab/Jeff Sparkes) and the comment was replaced by a new version.
The keyboard driver is meant primarily for Slovak language, yet it retains full ability to serve for input in Czech language, too.
Switching between Slovak and English keyboard in Squeak and both keyboard modes work properly only with the English keyboard
in Squeak's hosting environment (MS Windows) activated.