Czech Keyboard

Summary: Allows to enter Czech characters in iso-8859-2 or unicode encoding without any support from host platform
Author: Vladimir Janousek
Owner: Vladimir Janousek (vj)
Co-maintainers: <None>
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Helpful when host platform does not support localization, i.e., works with US ASCII only. Old dirty hack.

Older release (latin2) is known to work with Squeak versions 3.4 - 3.7.
The newer version (unicode) works with Squeak 3.8 and above.

Shift-Alt-"\" switches CZ/US keyboard.
In CZ mode, the first row (1234567890) is mapped to +, with Shift to 1234567890 with Shift-Alt to !!@#$%^&*().
+ is mapped to "hacek"/"krouzek" (dead key), = is mapped to "carka" (dead key).
With Alt special squeak editor commands are available (untouched).
Other keys are the same as in US keyboard.

Other suggested packages: ISO-8859-2 or DejaVu fonts.