Summary: A notes editor that uses Squeak hypertext to provide a quick editor to a (currently local only) swiki
Author: Daniel Vainsencher
Owner: Daniel Vainsencher (dvf)
Co-maintainers: <None>
PackageInfo name: <Not entered>
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Prerequisites -
Gardner (the swiki by Cees on which this is based)
SmallWiki (the swiki parsing stuff by Lukas and Roel on which Gardner is based)

Gardner claims to need Seaside, but unless you actually want to make this swiki publically available, we don't need it.

Instant Installation script -

  1. ('66236497-7026-45f5-bcf6-ad00ba7a8a4e' '9f2cdda3-c666-459c-ba5e-55a91b428f40' '2d9c9a9e-ce66-4e82-a785-ca7d43d9b4c4' '6805c4ca-6a33-4396-801a-b7ea1c3e3567')

do: [:e | SMSqueakMap default installPackageWithId: e]. "Installs monticello, DynamicBindings, SmaCC runtime, and Gardner"

{''. ''} do: [:url | (MCVersion fromStream: (HTTPSocket httpGet: url)) load].

To run it do
(WikiEditor onPath: 'ATestWiki') openInMorphic.

Use it like you're in a simple wiki (just internal links, no support yet for multimedia). Cmd-s saves.