Release name: Even more fun for everyone
Release summary: Enhancements for TPainter that let the current avatar wear the painting or create a terrain
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Created: 14 December 2004 2:13:14 am
Last updated: 14 December 2004 2:37:53 am
Release note:

This changeSet add a couple of functions to TPainter. It adds a 'Wear' button to the menu so that the current avatar can wear a Popout object of the current painting. It also adds a 'Map' button which uses the 2D painting as both a height map and a texture applied to the map for creating terrains.

Oh! And it also lets you create a terrain from a loaded texture directly with the MapPop class. Try this with the "stone.bmp" texture, for example, when creating your TSpace.

In this version, the changes are made directly to TPainter instead of a subclass.

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Download: http://map.squeak.org/accountbyid/114bcd19-24bd-46df-8025-dc63f037d6bd/files/TPainterEnhancements.1.cs.gz
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