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Created: 22 March 2004 1:44:04 pm
Last updated: 22 March 2004 1:44:04 pm
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We would like to officially announce Version 1.0 of SqueakSource: It is the smart Monticello code repository server which hosts your projects. You connect to it with the monticello client to commit and load code. SqueakSource also implements a web-frontend


which makes it easy to create and admin your projects or browse other public projects. Detailed instructions can be found on the Help page.

Please report any problems or suggestions to the Squeak Mailing-List. Enjoy!

Adrian and: [ Lukas ]

Release homepage:
Download: http://www.squeaksource.com/ss/SqueakSource-lr.104.mcz
SHA checksum: 819116122105783442449663040951701732963437207225