Summary: Installs some genie gestures on the background for easy project navigation
Author: Simon Michael
Owner: Simon Michael (sm)
Co-maintainers: <None>
PackageInfo name: ProjectGestures
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Installs some genie gestures on the background for easy project navigation. Requires Genie; tested in morphic projects in 3.8 and 3.9.

This package loads some basic genie gestures (and helper methods), associates them with PasteUpMorph, clears the root project's eventHandler so genie will work there, adds a preference for enabling genie everywhere, and turns it on. Some of this might fit better in Genie or core Squeak.

Draw gestures starting with a click anywhere on the background. To browse available gestures, go to world menu - help - genie gesture dictionaries, click Browse, use the middle set of arrow buttons, look at the left-most gesture and action in the white field. Here's a summary (letters are drawn palm graffiti style):

up-stroke: go to top project
left-stroke: go to previous project
right-stroke: go to next project
down-stroke: jump to project
F (upside-down L, drawn from the bottom): toggle full-screen mode
F (drawn from the top): toggle flaps
G (drawn from the top): open the genie configuration tool
g (drawn from the top): open the current active gesture dictionary
P (drawn from the bottom): create a new morphic project


update for squeak 3.9
rename preference
smarter menu item
code cleanups

If by chance you installed the previous version, you might need to revert TheWorldMenuhelpMenu.

enable & disable genie everywhere help menu items