Summary: (S)mall(t)alk (u)tilities I (f)ind use(f)ul - Matrix, TreeNode, XMLObject, Shortcuts
Author: Jens Moenig
Owner: Jens Moenig (jens)
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nothing fancy, just some very basic classes I need everytime I start something new in Squeak:

Matrix2D - just that, I guess everybody has one of their own
OrderedTreeNode - nothing sophisticated, just plain basic functionality
XMLObject - a very simple and straightforward single class XML DOM and parser
Shortcut - a repository for all kinds of Squeak stuff I otherwise keep forgetting about.

If you file in this package you will get some additional entries in your personalized world menu allowing you to let your morphs adjust to the Squeak main window, disable yellow-button menus in PasteUpMorphs (like World) and gradually disable all programmer's facilities (for that part I mostly copied and adjusted Ned Konz's lockdown package).

Also, I found out that the xml support included in the 3.8 image is missing in all 3.9 images, and has to be installed separately. After having had a hard look on that code I decided to implement my own one-class xml DOM/Parser instead, because I heavily rely on flexible xml file support in the other (unpublished) stuff I do.