Summary: Smalltalk simulation of a Unix command shell integrated with Squeak
Author: Dave Lewis
Owner: Dave Lewis (dtl)
PackageInfo name: CommandShell
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CommandShell is a Smalltalk simulation of a Unix command shell, with a simple dumb terminal window in Morphic and MVC. It is useful for running programs without leaving Squeak, and for piping command output directly into Squeak. Can be loaded and run on any platform, but is most useful on Unix, Linux and Windows systems with OSProcess. On Windows, command pipelines are not yet implemented for external commands, but you can run Windows programs from the CommandShell "Squeak shell" as well as pipelines with internal shell commands. A simple script processing capability is also included.

The ExternalCommandShell allows Squeak to be used directly as a Unix shell, similar to /bin/sh but with access to Smalltalk expressions and the Squeak object environment. To initiate external shell processing, evaluate "ExternalCommandShell start". The image can be saved and restarted with "squeak -headless myImage" to run it as a headless Squeak shell. See the class comments in ExternalCommandShell for more information.