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Release summary: ClassCreaser, a refactoring support tool, has been added.
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Manual version: 3
Published by: Tomohiro Oda (TO)
Created: 23 April 2007 6:03:30 am
Last updated: 23 April 2007 6:03:30 am
Release note:

This release introduces ClassCreaser, a refactoring support tool using Naive Bayes classifier. While usual refactoring tools guides programmers refactoring referring to structure of target classes/methods, ClassCreaser is fully based on English words in source code to propose "conceptual" division of classes rather than "structural" or "implementational" divisions.

A user (programmer) initially, by concepts, groups a few or a several methods by drag'n drop, and then the ClassCreaser shows automatically inferred list of methods for each concept group. The programmer, then, re-think about the grouping, and repeat this cycle until the programmer gets a concrete idea
of conceptual divisions.

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