Natural Smalltalk

Summary: A toolkit for analyzing Smalltalk and English text in the way of Natural Language Processing.
Author: Tomohiro Oda
Owner: Tomohiro Oda (TO)
Co-maintainers: <None>
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NaturalSmalltalk is a collection of tools to analyze English texts and Smalltalk programs.
This package provides scanners, stemmers, Naive Bayes classifiers, tfidf
classifiers, K-means clusterers, keyword extractor, and FastMap visualizer.
Two tools, MessageSpy (profiler with keyword extraction) and WhatyaDoing
(process monitor by keyword extraction) are development tools that demonstrate
functinalities of this library.

NaturalSmalltalk deals with a Smalltalk code as a series of English words.
For example, 'anArray at: index put: anObject' will be interpreted as
'an array at index put an object'. Keyword extraction, classification, and clustering are done on this basis.