Release name: TIF-Win32
Release summary: .tif image reader for windows
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Created: 9 November 2007 10:36:08 am
Last updated: 9 November 2007 10:58:17 am
Release note:

This was done for BluePlane, NSW ,Australia.This TiffImageReader could be used to open .tif format images in Squeak.I would like to thank John M McIntosh (His TiffSupport in mac was of great help) also he helped me a lot even though i was a beginner.Above all i would like to thank Tansel Ersavas and John Magnifico for giving me the task and guiding me.

I hope some of you might find it useful in some way or the other.

Files required in image directory


Release homepage:
Download: http://map.squeak.org/accountbyid/85a2706a-42ac-4b54-9ff9-613290783f66/files/TIF-Win32.st
SHA checksum: 1136393215938668434184664780752663578612525884027