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Created: 3 February 2003 10:10:49 am
Last updated: 20 December 2003 9:38:35 pm
Release note:

You need to first load several prereqs from SqueakMap. Load the following packages:
- SUnit
- Cryptography
- ma client server

You will need to build the DesPlugin for your VM.

then you can install this Monticello package

version 57:
oh man. Lot's of little changes. Trying to build test cases.

version 25
fixes and new features:


version 22

version 17
- made DispatchSecretary the finalization class
- bug fixes
- finalize background DispatchQueue that was not getting cleaner up.
- downgraded queue background priority to userBackground
- SampleDataSource example

Release homepage:
Download: http://wiki.squeak.org/squeak/uploads/2410/SqueakElib-rww.2.mcz
SHA checksum: 919377680601637560432360140863008909612112438157