Release name: OSProcess
Release summary: Access processes, pipes and functions on Unix/Linux and Windows
Automatic version: 2
Manual version: 3.2.2
Published by: Dave Lewis (dtl)
Created: 22 February 2004 4:46:02 pm
Last updated: 22 February 2004 4:46:02 pm
Release note:

Update for Squeak 3.7. In particular, recent improvements to TestRunner flushed out some timing problems in OSProcess (especially in sUnit tests for CommandShell) which are now corrected in the child process reaper UnixOSProcessAccessorgrimReaperProcess.
Rewrote primFork methods in both OSProcess and OSPP. This version of OSProcess uses the new primitives in OSPP 3.3 but maintains backward compatibility with earlier OSPP versions (at least back to OSPP 3.1.1). The child process creation methods for Unix now make use of the generic UnixProcessAccessorforwardSignal: signal forwarding mechanism rather than having the signal handlers coded in the individual process creation and pipe creation primitives in OSPP.
If OSPP is compiled with -D_REENTRANT, OSProcess will probably now work on OS X, except for display management which is required for forkSqueak and friends.
Better platform awareness for OS X.
Rewrote file lock Win32 compatibility.
Add class FileRegion to support Win32 file lock compatibility.

Release homepage:
Download: http://wiki.squeak.org/squeak/uploads/708/OSProcessV3-2-2.sar
SHA checksum: 177225843510072034769987835215810249410865115605