Release name: <Not entered>
Release summary: Replacement for the system browser
Automatic version: 5
Manual version: 1.0a5
Published by: Colin Putney (cwp)
Created: 26 October 2004 9:16:23 am
Last updated: 26 October 2004 9:21:30 am
Release note:

This is a bugfix release. The most important fixes include:

- Renaming a class now automatically browses references to the old name
- Editing code in the Versions browser works properly again
- The 'Browse' button in the Versions browser works again
- DoIts now take place in the context of the selected class
- Removing a method scans for senders
- The installer now detects and works around common problems

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SHA checksum: 427617236201696457349256378631063904038547917176