alternative word jump

Summary: little cs for make CTRL+LEFT y CTRL+RIGHT jump from word to word in words likeThisOne.
Author: Hernán Tylim
Owner: Hernán Tylim (hpt)
Co-maintainers: <None>
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This changeset modifies ParagrahEditor #nextWord: and #previousWord: so they will return the index of the next word inside a composed word (meaning for a composed word an string like this 'aComposedWord').

As an example. Imagine that you just typed the string 'aComposedWord', and you want to change the 'Word' part. If you type CTRL+left arrow, the cursor will be at the first $a, not the $W. This changeset modifies ParagraphEditor behaviour so it can navigate inside composed words too.
I made a preference for this. It is named:

  1. useAlternativeWordJump. When installing this changeset it will be turned on. To disable do:

Preferences disable: #useAlternativeWordJump