Summary: A new execution tracing tool complementary to MessageTally
Author: Jesse Welton
Owner: Jesse Welton (JW)
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This little goodie provides new tools SendTreeExplorer and MessageSendTree. Like MessageTally, MessageSendTree traces the execution of a block in simulation. There are three key differences:
1. Rather than tallying the number of times each method is called in a given context, MessageSendTree traces and returns the exact tree of the sends made, in send order.
2. MessageSendTree is designed to work with a SendTreeExplorer which presents the results in a hierarchical list view rather than flattened to a text pane.
3. MessageSendTree allows all sends above a given method to be ignored, so that such a method can be conveniently traced deep in the execution of the block without the bother of wading through a long send chain to get there.