Win32 Standard VM Configuration tests

Summary: Tests whether a Win32 Squeak VM adheres to the
Author: Andreas Raab
Owner: Andreas Raab (ar)
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Win32StandardVMConfigurationTest consists of a series of tests for determining
whether the current system runs the "standard" configuration for Win32
VMs. "Standard" is rather loosely defined as of now and essentially means what
is contained in this test. The test case can be used for two purposes:

* Determining if a VM build adheres to the standard configuration, e.g.,
figuring out if you (or rather I) forgot to include a plugin or made a
mistake wrt. to internal vs. external plugins. In this sense, this test is the
ultimate reference for what is considered standard and what isn't.

* Determining if a running system adheres to the standard configuration, e.g.,
validating that in particular none of the internal plugins get "shadowed" by
an external one (this can lead to crashes). In this sense, this tests serves
the purpose of identifying "non-conforming" configurations.

The configuration tests have been written in a way that allows them to pass if
they're run on any other platform.