Summary: A morphic grid anyone?
Author: John Pierce
Owner: John Pierce (jrp)
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Working on lots of business apps and using the ODBC for Squeak package it became clear that we needed a morphic grid. I couldn't find one so I worked one up here. This is just a few hours of work so far, so it really only can be used presently to display grids of data and not for editing.

Also, currently this grid will not scale well beyond thousands of rows / columns as a Morph (or two) is created for each cell.

The grid can be auto-populated from a collection and you can give it either selectors or blocks to run to auto-generate columns for the collection. Additionally, if a block for a given column returns a morph then the morph will be displayed in the column allowing you to even do crazy things like hierarchical grids by embedding TableMorphs as cells of a parent TableMorph.

Depends upon Bitstream Vera Fonts being installed.