Variables Pane for Browsers in base Squeak

Release name: BrowserVarsPane
Release summary: Adds variables pane to base Squeak Browsers
Automatic version: 1
Manual version: 23-Feb-2009
Published by: Stephan B. Wessels (sbw)
Created: 25 February 2009 1:17:34 am
Last updated: 25 February 2009 1:17:34 am
Release note:

I received an e-mail from someone saying that this enhancement wasn't working quite correctly in Squeak 3.10.2. Now, I haven't touched this code, since 2003. I was actually surprised that anyone was still using it. Well, it is pretty useful. So I spent a little time and made an update that works for Squeak 3.10.2. It's available here as a Monticello package.

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SHA checksum: 1107383911412049965332482865339991003602650598590