Summary: An framework for Unit-tests by examples
Author: Ted Kaehler
Owner: Marcus Denker (md)
Co-maintainers: <None>
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These are some classes that are removed by Sunit-removal,
but are not part of SUNIT 3.1.

The classes (TestViaMethodCall, VerifierOfProperty, Verifier)
are now in the system cathegoy "Protocols-Examples", all
"example-for" methods are in the according DVS-category.

Original documentation (from Verifier class comment):

Instead of one new class per class being tested, many classes may use TestViaMethodCall.

Hold a Verifier (a MethodCall with an expected answer). Run that method and compare the actual answer with the expected answer.

All class that implements #exampleFor: will be asked for all of their test cases. For now, they appear in one big list, not separated by class.