Summary: Recurring Task Scheduler
Author: John Pierce
Owner: John Pierce (jrp)
Co-maintainers: <None>
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An easy-to-use task scheduler that can run arbitrary blocks:

* Every so often (e.g. every hour starting now)
* Daily at a given time
* Periodically starting at a given time (e.g. every other hour starting a noon)
* Per a provide schedule (e.g. using Schedule instance you can run tasks every Monday and Friday)
* A one time task at some point in the future

For ease of use tasks can be blocks passed to the scheduler (or any object that understands #value). For example:

"Start a new task scheduler and keep it around"
scheduler := TaskScheduler new.
scheduler start.

"Let's save the image every hour"
do: [Smalltalk snapshot: true andQuit: false]
every: 60 minutes.

"Let's run a backup at 2am every day"
do: ["backup code here"]
at: '2am'

"Let's perform a bank transfer every other hour starting at 1pm"
do: ["swiss bank account transfer code"]
at: '1pm'
every: 2 hours.

"Let's do a one time email reminder"
doOnce: ["email reminder to go on honeymoon"]
at: '2005-1-15T8:00'

"You can delete tasks by sending #delete to them"
(scheduler taskAt: 1) delete

"Stop the scheduler from running -- but don't delete its tasks"
scheduler stop.

Read the provided tests for more examples (or visit for more info).