SUnit active tutorial

Summary: Two exercises that to warm up into Test Driven Programming using SUnit
Author: Alex Bergel & Daniel Vainsencher
Owner: Daniel Vainsencher (dvf)
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Requires that SUnit 3.1 be installed (it is preinstalled in 3.6).

This is a two part tutorial. Test Driven Programming consists of two activities -
1. Extending the code so that it passes the tests.
1. Extending the test suite to cover new/intended functionality.

To get a taste of the first (and learn how to use the Test Runner), you should do the tutorial described in the class comment of the class LargestSuffixTest. For more practice, pick one of the failing tests from the weekly report, get it green, and submit your fix.

To get a taste of the second, do the tutorial described in the class comments of CommonPrefix, CommonPrefixTest and TestCompleteTest.

If you want to read more about SUnit itself, you might find the articles below useful

old version comments:
0.3 -
First public version. Try it out, and if it seems unclear, please contact us to let us know. Making it very clear what to do is what a tutorial is all about...