Spread Group Communications Plugin

Summary: A plugin that lets you use the Spread (http://www.spread.org) library
Author: Ned Konz
Owner: Ned Konz (nk)
Co-maintainers: <None>
Homepage: http://bike-nomad.com/squeak/
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This is a Plugin and supporting classes to allow Squeak to work with
the Spread (http://www.spread.org) group communications system.

It is designed so that you can have background threads waiting for
incoming messages without blocking all of Squeak.

I have only written the support code for Unix; it would be quite
simple to port to other systems, especially if they have async file
support like that in the Unix VM.

There are Spread libraries available for: C, Java, Perl, Ruby, Python,
and now Squeak.

This is largely untested; I wanted to get it out in people's hands and
see what further direction to move the interface in.

Received messages should probably be of several different kinds; what
is returned now is pretty much the raw fields of the incoming Spread
message, which vary in meaning depending on the type of message. I
will probably be attacking that next.

I hope to get some kind of cross-language serialization (YAML,
perhaps) going and then have a simple cross-language distributed
object communications system.

The AsyncFile plugin served as an inspiration, guide, and source of
code for the async part of this plugin.