Summary: Run GoodsServer directly from Squeak
Author: John Pierce
Owner: John Pierce (jrp)
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Launch the GoodsServer directly from Squeak. You can even instantiate a new
server or a temp server as well with minimal code. Requires Squeak.NET which,
of course, requires the Windows platform (LINUX is now supported in the form of a user contribution). Also requires InstanceEncoder.

(Note about Linux contribution: The contribution from Marco Paga that provides a Linux compatible version is implemented as a separate class so the examples and docs below probably don't apply. I don't have Linux and cannot support or test the contribution -- but would be happy for others to contribute examples or factor the system around to be interface compatible with the Windows-edition.)

"to start a temporary server that always gets re-initialized"
tempServer := GoodsServer startTempServer

"or to start a new server"
newServer := GoodsServer startNewServerNamed: 'addresses' listeningOn: 1234

"or to use an existing set of db files"
existingServer := GoodsServer startServerNamed: 'quotes'