SARInstaller for 3.4

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Created: 13 November 2002 5:07:17 pm
Last updated: 29 July 2003 6:28:21 am
Release note:

NOTE: if you have loaded a previous version of SARInstaller (prior to v15), or if you have an image that is older than CS 5161, please load this version.

28 July (v17):
* added Monticello version (.mcv) and package (.mc) loading
* added prompts for downloading Monticello or DVS from SqueakMap if necessary
* fixed bug with project loading
* restored #fileIntoChangeSetNamed:fromStream: to instance side of SARInstaller for compatibility with older packages.
* avoided generating empty change sets

5 July (v16):

Added a default (DWIM) mode in which SAR files that are missing both a preamble and postscript have all their members loaded in a default manner.

Changed the behavior of #extractMemberWithoutPath: to use the same directory as the SAR itself.

Added #extractMemberWithoutPath:inDirectory:

Moved several change set methods to the class side.

Made change set methods work with 3.5 or 3.6a/b

Now supports the following file types:

Projects (with or without construction of a ViewMorph)
Genie gesture dictionaries
Change sets
DVS packages
Monticello packages
Graphics files (loaded as SketchMorphs)
Text files (loaded as text editor windows)
Morph(s) in files

Now keeps track of installed members.

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SHA checksum: 276619357948832412533923977776800720642466534703