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Created: 25 August 2005 5:12:23 am
Last updated: 25 August 2005 5:12:23 am
Release note:

A few minor tweaks to make "non-alternative window look" at least tolerable. It is not quite what I wanted to do, but at least it degrades nicer than before.

Also fixed up a few default preferences of Look Enhancements. I'm really liking square corners these days so that is the default on windows, but can be modified locally by the user. Also I am bringing back gradient scrollbars as the default based upon user feedback.

I think this is all I will be doing until this package is integrated into Squeak 3.9. (maybe ;-).

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Download: http://squeak.saltypickle.com/LookEnhancements/LookEnhancements-jrp.49.mcz
SHA checksum: 591521072300635262183998895707989255794323166313