Summary: RFB (aka VNC) server and client written entirely in Squeak
Author: Ian Piumarta
Owner: Ian Piumarta (ikp)
Co-maintainers: <None>
PackageInfo name: RemoteFrameBuffer
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Provides RFB (VNC) server and client, written entirely in Squeak.
Both server and client implement a superset of the latest (version
3.3.7) RFB protocol published by (with extensions to
support local cursor handling in the popular TightVNC client).

The server transmits (or broadcasts) the Squeak desktop to remote
VNC clients (either running natively on Unix, Mac or Windows, or
running the Squeak client included in this same package).

The client connects to and displays a remote framebuffer (provided
either from a VNC server running natively on Unix, Mac, Windows, etc.,
or from a remote Squeak image running the server included in this

To install, just grab RFB.33.cs and file it into a 3.6 image.
Full documentation is included (see the class comments in
RFBServer and RFBClient, and the help items on the
associated menus).