Summary: Locks Squeak down for shipping an end-user application
Author: Ned Konz
Owner: Ned Konz (nk)
Co-maintainers: <None>
Homepage: http://bike-nomad.com/squeak/
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This change set makes it easier to lock down an image for application delivery.

By executing:
Preferences disableProgrammerFacilities
from your personalized World menu and saving the locked image under a new name, the following features are disabled:

* Halos
* Meta and Debug menus
* Command keys in world
* Command-dot interrupts
* Debuggers (though notifiers will still come up)
* World menu (from mouse or key)
* Command keys other than editing & cursor in text
* Reading scripts/projects at startup.

The yellow-button menus in text panes will still come up.
It is assumed that text panes in your app will have their own
yellow-button menus.

Two existing preferences have been made available in the Preferences tool:
cmdKeysInText -- enables the use of many cmd (or alt) keys in text editors
cmdGesturesEnabled -- enables halos, debug menus, etc.

Another two new preferences have been added:
appendToErrorLog -- appends to the error log rather than replacing it
noDebugButton -- suppress the ability to open a debugger from a notifier

You can add this to your personalized World menu:
aMenu add: 'disable pgrmr' target: Preferences action: #disableProgrammerFacilities.

Or you can add:
Preferences disableProgrammerFacilities

to your do... menu list.