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Release summary: <Not entered>
Automatic version: 19
Manual version: 2.7
Published by: Lukas Renggli (lr)
Created: 15 March 2007 8:02:06 am
Last updated: 15 March 2007 8:04 am
Release note:

* canvas renderer is default, the old renderer is deprecated
* new, canvas like header api
* file library
* some tools have been cleaned up
* new image map api (see WAScreenshot)
* many new elements including ruby
* #fixCallbackTemps an ugly hack upon an ugly hack that saves memory
* WARequestHandler refactoring
* WAAnchorTag #text: has been deprecated
* removed WATagBrush #tooltip:
* a deprecation api to make all these deprecations possible
* ability to open a debugger on the rendering stack of an element
* pretty printer fixes and improvements (including comments)
* cookie fixes
* convenience methods in WARequest
* WAListener (comet support)
* more stuff that I forgot about

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SHA checksum: 1090107756305876676359233310067648228150851851702