Summary: A load script which will update to/install SqueakMap2.
Author: Göran Krampe
Owner: Hannes Hirzel (hjh)
Homepage: http://swiki.krampe.se/gohu/11
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This is a load script to install SqueakMap2.

SqueakMap is a catalog for all published Squeak code on the planet.
It gives you a local database of all available Squeak packages that very easily is updated from the master servers.

SqueakMap helps you finding, installing and upgrading packages. It supports different formats of packages from the simplest fileouts to self installing multi-changeset zip archives - so called SAR files (see SARInstaller for 3.6), and Monticello files.

The simplest UI for SqueakMap is the SqueakMap2 loader coauthored by me and Daniel Vainsencher. At the time of writing there are at least 3 more older UIs for SqueakMap:

...but they have not been updated for SqueakMap2.