Release name: Have fun storming the castle, boys
Release summary: A simple Croquet space
Automatic version: 4
Manual version: (5)
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Created: 10 November 2004 6:11:48 am
Last updated: 10 November 2004 2:13:13 pm
Release note:

The new maze on the right is something I have wanted to try for a long time.
If only I could get the rabbit to stop hopping consistently!

Needs MazeArray installed from SqueakMap first.

Start with TeaMazeTest morph, which will show up in the Croquet pane of the
Objects catalog if you close and reopen it. Or you can get the TeaMazeTest
morph from the "new morph" world menu item.

Release homepage:
Download: http://map.squeak.org/accountbyid/114bcd19-24bd-46df-8025-dc63f037d6bd/files/DualMaze.1.cs
SHA checksum: 432948795538889271854542242643448127377066341829