Summary: Adds some unit testing support facilities in the browsers
Author: Romain Robbes
Owner: Romain Robbes (rr)
Co-maintainers: <None>
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This package adds a few buttons to the browsers in order to have a better
integration of unit tests during class developpement. It enables you to easily
switch back and forth from a class and it's unit test, allowing the same thing
a the method level. It also adds a convenient way to run the test of the current
class, giving automatic feedback to the user. Moreover, test creation is handled
automagically if a class test/method test doesn't exist yet (don't worry, the
choice is up to you :-)). Last and not least, it works for nearly all kinds of
class browsers, and so integrates nicely with the RefactoringBrowser and the
StarBrowser. See the home page for more information and a brief tutorial