Summary: Tools for the easy creation of simple exercises in squeak
Author: Romain Robbes
Owner: Romain Robbes (rr)
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This is a set of services to help you define simple exercice sessions for students learning Squeak
Basically for each sessions you define a class, writes the session's topic in the class comment,
and write a code skeleton in the class's body. You can also write unit tests in this class to be sure
that the code demanded to the the students will be properly implemented.

Once this is done, students can load a session class, and they will have a browser limited to this
class, a little shell (a modified version of the commandshell, allowing to eavaluate expression on a target object but using a shell), and a window telling the session's summary.

This could form the basis to a tool allowing people to easily learn Smalltalk's syntax, like the LessonRunner provided with VisualWorks (which I find the fastest way to learn our syntax).

Depencies are :