Release name: OSProcessPlugin
Release summary: Low level access to Unix, Linux and Windows
Automatic version: 3
Manual version: 4.0
Published by: Dave Lewis (dtl)
Created: 21 September 2005 2:40:06 am
Last updated: 21 September 2005 2:40:07 am
Release note:

Version 4.0 of OSProcessPlugin: Updated to provide 64-bit compatibility. The OSPP plugin now compiles and runs for both 32 bit and 64 bit Unix VMs and executes on 32 or 64 bit hardware. The Win32 OSPP remains 32-bit based and has not been tested on 64 bit Windows or 64 bit hardware. The plugin can now obtain the session ID from the interpreter for newer versions of the VMMaker and support code (previously this required either a customized VM, or it required OSProcess to deduce the session ID from an existing open file). Unnecessary subclasses of UnixOSProcessPlugin and Win32OSProcessPlugin have been eliminated. Added a fix for missing Win32 method (some recent versions of this package had left the Win32 OSPP untested, with errors that prevented compilation, this is now fixed). Added changes to accommodate KCP refactorings.

Supports Squeak code base with 64-bit updates. To compile on an older code base, the following macro may be needed (add to platforms/unix/config/config.h.in, or just add to config.h in your build directory):

  1. define sqInt int

If you get compiler warnings for a missing aio.h header, then you will also need :

  1. define SQAIO_H "sqaio.h"

Release homepage:
Download: http://wiki.squeak.org/squeak/uploads/3349/OSProcessPluginV4-0.sar
SHA checksum: 368527313985196379776665009270010303396280571641