Summary: A Browser That Just Shows What You Want To See!
Author: Cees de Groot
Owner: Cees de Groot (CdG)
Co-maintainers: <None>
PackageInfo name: Tric-RefractoringBrowser
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This package is not currently loadable. The package owner has been contacted to assist in correcting this. (klc, 7/11/2008)

The RefractoringBrowser comes up empty initially. You can add packages and class categories to show, and hide stuff again. Classes you search for will also be displayed, of course. In this way, you get a view on the image that shows just what you're working on, making for much quicker navigation.

This is a subclass of the RefactoringBrowser, so you must have it in your image. You can set your image's default browser from any browser's title bar menu, by the way...