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Published by: John Pierce (jrp)
Created: 14 March 2005 5:25:10 am
Last updated: 14 March 2005 5:27:16 am
Release note:

This release is a major implementation change from the prior edition. I used to just stream out the nodes / edges. Now an entire graph model is maintained in the instance of GraphViz. This is mostly done as preparation for my next move where I will then get the edge / node placement information from GraphViz and then load up the graph model objects with the preferred position and size. This will enable me to draw the resultant graph using Connectors (at least will work for small graphs).

I also made major changes to the way I structured my generator class so it should be relatively easy to implement three template methods to create new generators for Mac or Unix.

Lastly, I fixed a defect with the hierarchical sample (see class side GraphViz) and I made a more sophisticated example showing the history of the Smalltalk language.

More will come as I get to it (to generate the Connectors diagram and to implement cross-platform generators).

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