Release name: <Not entered>
Release summary: Support for Squeak 3.7 and Connectors 2.0
Automatic version: 2
Manual version: (2.3)
Published by: <Not published yet>
Created: 29 September 2004 5:12:49 pm
Last updated: 29 September 2004 5:29:27 pm
Release note:

Changes to support Squeak 3.7 and Connectors 2.0. Does not work with previous
versions of either. Will not work with previous version NetModel Projects,
although models can be exported from the old version and successfully imported
to this one.

If you get an error walkback when installing in Squeak 3.7 with Connectors 2
that has "NetHost(ProtoObject)" at the top, then you need to fileIn the
Connectors NCSketchMorph class, which is included in the NetModel2-3.sar. To
do this, open a fileList, select the NetModel2-3.sar file, then click
the "Open Zip" button. Select the file,
(Windows) right-click on it and pick "fileIn entire file". Close the zip
window and go back to the fileList. Select the NetModel2-3.sar file and try
the install again.

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SHA checksum: 1318108898298241169080653560691519417704972662420