Release name: SandstoneDb
Release summary: A simple ActiveRecord style object database intended for use with Seaside
Automatic version: 2
Manual version: 108
Published by: Ramon Leon (rjl)
Created: 24 September 2008 5:33:56 pm
Last updated: 24 September 2008 5:33:56 pm
Release note:

The default base directory for the database was change to YourImageName.SandstondDb in the same directory as the image, you can create this directory manually and just moved all your existing database directories into it. This keeps the image directory clean in development when you may be running multiple images from the same directory and allows each image to keep it's own databases.

Moved the startup process and loading of records into SDCheckPointer, slimmed down the active record class side just a bit.

Only reload and attempt recovery on actual image startup, so saving the image does not force a reload or create directories or anything. After creating a new subclass of SDActiveRecord, you'll need to restart your image to enable persistence for that class.

Reclassified a bunch of methods.

Found a bug in crash recovery, fixed it and added tests to support crash recovery.

Removed extension from file directory that's no longer used.

Extracted file operations into a separate class hierarchy to make ActiveRecord pluggable.

Extracted tests into class hierarchy and created a memory store to prove concept of pluggable ActiveRecord.

Migrated object cache into the store, not all stores want or need caching.

Changed priority of FileStore loader, it has to be higher than Seaside so that by the time a request is served the pages in databases are already loaded.

Fix to ensure new records are initialized lazily.

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SHA checksum: 343801031029222091844754440217251371623880361741