Summary: A telnet (and local shell) client plus emulators for various popular terminals.
Author: Ian Piumarta
Owner: Ian Piumarta (ikp)
Co-maintainers: <None>
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This package contains various components that facilitate interactive login
to a remote (or the local) machine:

* a (glass) TeletypeMorph;
* essentially complete emulation of vt52, vt102 and xterm terminals;
* a telnet client for connecting to remote machines;
* a `pseudo-tty' client for connecting to an interactive shell on the local machine;
* a protocol stack abstraction that glues the above together; and
* a TeletypeWindow morph which makes a clickable application out of it all.

The pseudo-tty client will only work on Unix, but the telnet client should
work fine on any platform (Unix, Mac, Windows, etc.) that supports sockets.

Please visit the homepage for further details (especially if you want to use
the pseudo-tty client, since you may have to download an additional changeset).