Release name: XDisplayControlPlugin
Release summary: Primitives for controlling the connection to an X display server for Squeak.
Automatic version: 5
Manual version: 2.1.2
Published by: Dave Lewis (dtl)
Created: 9 April 2007 12:57:29 pm
Last updated: 9 April 2007 12:57:29 pm
Release note:

Handle #platformName move to SmalltalkImage.
Eliminate some #cCode: calls, keep consistent with OSPP.
Add #shouldBeTranslatedFor: to support VMM cross generation.
Fix underscores.

Release homepage:
Download: http://wiki.squeak.org/squeak/uploads/3350/XDisplayControlPluginV2-1-2.sar
SHA checksum: 1210203377793574467048711252193943786697589859200