Small Lint Failure

Summary: It allows to define expected smallLint failures so next time you run smallLint it does not inform about those failures
Author: Hernan Wilkinson
Owner: Hernan Wilkinson (HAW)
Co-maintainers: <None>
PackageInfo name: Small Lint Failure
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It is very common when your code is "stable" to run SmallLint to see if there are errors in your code that you did not realize. SmallLint is a very usefull tool for that, but when you automatize that process, you want some SmallLint failures to be treated as expected failures. For example, a utility method migth be ok, it is not a failure in your model.
This package allows you to declare those SmallLint expected failures in such a way that when you run SmallLint they will not be informed as errors.