Summary: Two stream implementations similar to SharedQueue used for 'piping' between Squeak processes.
Author: Göran Krampe
Owner: Göran Krampe (gk)
Co-maintainers: <None>
PackageInfo name: SharedStreams
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SharedStreams introduces SharedBufferStream and SharedBidirectionalStream.

SharedBufferStream is like a SharedQueue (FIFO) but for a stream of
bytes/characters instead of separate objects. It can be used as a "socket"
between Squeak processes in order for them to communicate with a stream

A SharedBidirectionalStream is like a "socket" between two (or more) Squeak
processes. Internally it uses two SharedBufferStreams, one for input and one for
output. It handles multiple Processes at both ends.

In order for the protocol to be the same no matter what side you are of the
stream you can access the "other end" by calling #otherEnd.
A SharedBidirectionalStream then creates a single mirror twin brother
which it shares the two internal SharedBufferStream with - but with the inStream
and outStream twisted.