Release name: WillYouStillNeedMe
Release summary: VMMaker for 3.8 - beta 5 release with 64bit goodness added. Use at your peril!
Automatic version: 10
Manual version: 3.8b5-64
Published by: tim Rowledge (tpr)
Created: 28 December 2005 12:06:35 am
Last updated: 9 October 2006 6:09:47 pm
Release note:

This is a first pass (now obsolte and here only for historical reasons) at releasing the 64bit clean VM changes to the masses. That means it might break things. It builds and compiles and runs on my RISC OS machine and that is the Only extensions, no changes guarantee.

There are undoubtedly things that will break on other platforms.

You will need to provide a 'VMENDIANNESS" define somewhere (sqConfig.h or in spawn-of-satan-autoconf or the makefile command or whatever) that evaluates to 0 for littleendian and 1 for big endian.

Some plugins are not fully converted. You'll find out which when compiling. Ask for help in fixing them. Floating point code is not converted yet; ask Dan for advice since it is his #flag: s that say so.

You will need to filein

SystemDictionary methodsFor: 'sources, change log' stamp: 'JMM 4/13/2005 20:35'!

"Answer the size (in bytes) of an object pointer."
"Smalltalk wordSize"

^[SmalltalkImage current vmParameterAt: 40] on: Error do: [4]! !

SystemDictionary methodsFor: 'deprecated' stamp: 'tpr 4/27/2005 11:04'!

vmParameterAt: parameterIndex
"See comment for SmalltalkImagevmParameterAt:"

^ self deprecated: 'Use SmalltalkImage current vmParameterAt:'
block: [SmalltalkImage current vmParameterAt: parameterIndex]
! !
until the code is finally in the mainline image.

Do not attempt to use the code in the unix SVN subtree under 'src'. It is now out of date.

Release homepage:
Download: http://map.squeak.org/accountbyid/4340a66e-2296-48b7-9aa8-5305d303752f/files/VMMaker-tpr.39.mcz
SHA checksum: 1273337442601431863516015426119397561984548990062