Release name: Bob Arning's PunchedCard morph
Release summary: Package name updated to avoid conflict with base Morphic package
Automatic version: 2
Manual version: 5.3
Published by: Dave Lewis (dtl)
Created: 16 February 2020 4:36:14 pm
Last updated: 16 February 2020 4:38:35 pm
Release note:

Bob Arning's PunchedCard morph. Package name change to avoid conflict with Morphic package.

Release homepage:
Download: http://map.squeak.org/accountbyid/d1b21009-f1d8-45c9-bcff-74dfa885567f/files/install-PunchedCards-5.3.st
SHA checksum: 1316004010919552979645198313756106093405699839846