Summary: Various Benchmarks for Squeak
Author: many
Owner: Marcus Denker (md)
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This package contains some classic Benchmarks.

1). GreenbookBenchmarks, Squeak Version by Tim Rowledge

2.) MacroBenchmarks:

The MacroBenchmarks. Now with their own class ("MacroBenchmarks").

Reports an array of times taken to run a number of macro operations indicative of typical Squeak activity, each run after a full garbageCollection.

In addition it puts up a window with recent VM statistics local to each test."

3.) STones80 benchmark for Squeak
Authors: Bruce Samuelson, NISHIHARA Satoshi

This is STones80 for Squeak. (Squeak Version by NISHIHARA Satoshi)
Original version made by Bruce Samuelson, at
for pre R4.0, R4.0, R4.1, ST/V.

To run this banchmark, evaluate:
SlopstoneBenchmark run
SmopstoneBenchmark run

2 test of this benchmark is intended to test the efficiency
of recursively calling a block, that is not supported by non Jitter VM.
If you run this test on on non Jitter VM, so the result would be fairly