Release name: from the gathering in Bern
Release summary: Goya - color methods when they are executed
Automatic version: 1
Manual version: 1
Published by: Klaus D. Witzel (kwl)
Created: 20 November 2005 5:11:40 am
Last updated: 20 November 2005 12:14:51 pm
Release note:

Goya lets you color the executed methods of the running image.

See the class side of InstrumentingAssociation for examples on how to color methods.

Color some interesting methods and do something with them such that they are indeed executed by the VM. Then open the GoyaBrowser for browsing only the until now executed methods.

Update the system categories of the GoyaBrowser after you changed something with InstrumentingAssociation.

Never forget to do something with your colored methods!

Release homepage:
Download: http://www.squeaksource.com/Goya/Goya-kwl.2.mcz
SHA checksum: nil